Parkersburg Town Hall meeting to focus on broadband, other ARP ideas

WTAP News @ 6- Parkersburg Town Hall Meeting Broadband
Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 5:02 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Some members of Parkersburg City Council believe broadband expansion should be as much of a concern for some city residents as it is for people in rural areas.

The four council members-Wendy Tuck, Bob Mercer, Jesse Cottrille, J.R. Carpenter, Chris Rexroad and Austin Richards-along with What’s Next MOV, are sponsoring a town hall meeting next Monday, December 13, for comments on the use of $14.6 million in American Recovery Plan funds.

The city was allocated more than $22 million in ARP money earlier this year, a million of which is being used for water and utility improvements.

The first hour of the two-hour meeting-4-5 P.M.-will be to discuss broadband improvements.

”Parkersburg doesn’t really have any unserved areas; we have underserved areas, where people might be working from home and drop calls a lot, or their rates might be doubling,” Tuck says. “Certainly, the Wood County Schools might have access right now, but they were providing $50,000 a month to provide access to students every month, and that’s not sustainable.”

Several city and county officials from Wood County and other West Virginia cities are scheduled to attend the town hall, along with West Virginia legislators.

It will be held at the Parkersburg City Building.

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