Blennerhassett Elementary students get involved in 3D printing club

Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 8:20 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Nine fifth graders at Blennerhassett Elementary are in a 3D printing club.

“The 3D printing club is really fun,” says club member, Payton Easton. “And Mrs. Smith makes it fun and educational for all of us to be able to 3D print.”

Steam teacher, Lisa Smith is the adult advisor for the student-led 3D printing club. She teaches students about what they can do with 3D printing.

“So, whatever they want to learn about or create is what we’re doing,” says Smith. “They’re learning math skills, creativity, perseverance. But also, we study careers and how 3D printing is changing the world.”

Students get a chance to make interesting and fun projects.

Like spinning tops and Christmas ornaments.

Students also get inspired of how this device can help people, such as the company “E-Nable” who builds prosthetics for people who are missing limbs.

“People who are born without maybe hands or wrists or things like that you can actually 3D print hands for them. And they can move their wrists to kind of make it co-operate,” says club member, Avery Ferguson.

And its clubs like these that Smith says gets more students interested in careers in steam in the future.

“All of these are skills that they’re going to need for those STEAM jobs in the future. And they’re very excited about it. They love doing it. So, they’re excited to see what they can do,” says Smith.

And some of these students are already wanting to work more with these printers when they get older.

“I would like to work more with 3D printers,” says club member, Tyler Wingrove. “I’m really hoping for a 3D printer because the STEAM club has really gotten me into 3D printing.”

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