Man arrested after trying to meet up with agent posing as a minor

Published: Dec. 30, 2021 at 5:06 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) - The Southeastern Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force caught a man trying to meet up with an agent posing as a minor.

It all started when Daniel Earl Sciance Jr reached out to who he believed was a 15 year old girl back in August.

Detective Zackary Kehl says that started the grooming process.

“In the beginning, you know, it’s the classic grooming process. You know, they get to know you, try to get you, you know, comfortable around them. It slowly escalates over time.”

Sciance made multiple sexual advances and eventually arranged to meet up with the 15 year old in Marietta.

The plan was for her to spend the night and for Sciance to bring marijuana. However, when he got there, it was law enforcement that met him.

Kehl explained, “Basically he was boxed in by detective vehicles and the detectives approached the vehicle, ordered him out of the vehicle, and then he was detained at that time.”

Sciance was taken to Washington County Jail and is being charged with two felonies, one for importuning and another for possession of criminal tools. There were also a couple warrants served.

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