‘Snow caterpillar’ in Parkersburg spreading joy and sparking creativity

WTAP News @ 6- Snow creations
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 1:51 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) -You’ve heard of Frosty and Olaf, but here in Parkersburg, there’s a new snow creation in town!

“I think I’m the only reason people like snow,” laughed Becca Reid.

Reid and her children have been making people wish for snow ever since they started to use it to create all kinds of different creatures. This year they made a caterpillar, and they are known for many other creations.

“We made different dinosaurs. They sort of just turned into making other things because how many times can you make a dragon before you find something else you can turn it into? So, we have over the years seen whatever is in season,” Reid said.

On president’s day they made Abraham Lincoln. One year they made a parrot, another Super Mario. Reid said all it takes is some food coloring, a few hand shovels, and some creativity.

“Who knew that you could turn snow into a ‘snow dragon’ or a ‘snow caterpillar?’ So, I just want kids or adults, or anybody to see you don’t have to be really amazing to do it or give it a try.”

And she’s not only building cool snow sculptures but building a strong community.

“It’s good to know that if you put yourself outside, people will see you and people will want to talk. I mean, if someone is lonely, or if someone lives by themselves, if someone is just driving by and wants to chit chat for a little bit while I build a snowman, I’ll talk away,” Reid said.

Reid, who is the wife of the pastor at First Lutheran Church in Parkersburg said people are always driving by the church’s courtyard where they build their creations. Many people will drive by in the summertime to ask what will be showcased in the winter.

“Just seeing that people see it and get in their head, ‘I can make something other than a snowman, I could turn it into whatever I love.,’' Reid said.

“So, that to me is why I keep doing it because I think it gives other people joy and something to look forward to, but maybe inspire them to make something in their yard and spread a little bit of happiness other places.”

And if you drive by now, before it melts away, you’ll see that the caterpillar has miraculously transformed into a butterfly.

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