Memorial Health System offers credit monitoring service in response to past cyber attack

WTAP News @ 11- Cyber attack response
Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 7:48 PM EST
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MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) - Memorial Health System is giving out credit monitoring services in response to August’s cyber attack.

This past week, Memorial Health System started reaching out to people who have data the cyber criminals could have had access to.

The health system’s CEO Scott Cantley explained that offering this service is part of a federal requirement.

He elaborated, “..., part of that requirement from the federal government is - if there was a potential breach - is for us to offer credit monitoring so you can monitor if, in fact, someone was ever using your personal information.”

He added, “Our system is made up of hundreds of servers that hold lots of data. The servers that FBI and Homeland helped us identify they could have had access to does have some personal information and did, in some cases, include social security numbers.”

Cantley said a little over 200,000 people were identified as being potentially vulnerable. However, this doesn’t mean a threat is imminent.

“The notification is required by law. It does not mean that anyone’s data was accessed. It does not mean that there’s been any release of any information. It only means that it could have been accessed and, since we don’t know if it was, then we notify folks to be careful,” he explained.

In fact, Cantley said that there’s been no indication that sensitive data has been accessed.

“We continue with the FBI and Homeland Security to monitor the web - the dark web, to see if any of our data starts to appear anywhere,” Cantley said.

While it may sound like it’s been a long time coming, measures like this take time.

Cantley said, “That’s what’s taken us a certain amount of time was for us to work with the FBI and do the forensics of what was accessed or accessible and then getting those names of all those patients. In our case, it was several hundred thousands - 200…a little over 200,000 potential individuals who had data somewhere on one of those servers.”

Cantley said that the FBI and Homeland Security have also helped the health system identify and close access points criminals used to access their system.

He clarified that the FBI does not expect any personal data to be released.

Cantley said they’ve used newspaper-based postings to get word out to data-vulnerable-people for whom they do not have a current address for.

This credit monitoring service will be offered for about a year but potentially two.

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