Belpre looking for suspects in Civitan Park vandalism

WTAP News @ 5-Belpre Vandalism
Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 5:30 PM EST
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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - The city of Belpre is looking for some vandals after graffiti was discovered on city property.

Mayor Mike Lorentz says someone spray painted several areas around Civitan park. Including the baseball dugouts, the bathrooms, the boat ramp, and the swimming pool.

The vandals also hit the city pool’s slide, which Lorentz says is made of a material that cannot be cleaned.

It will have to be completely replaced, costing the city upwards of $20 thousand.

“Those slides are fiber glass and anything you add to those takes the slick out of it. And my fear is somebody is going to be sliding down that and hit that painted surface that’s going to be sticky, and it could cause an injury or whatever. So, David’s had a couple people look at it, both suggested replacing. So, evidently, it’s going to come off with any kind of a cleaner or paint remover. Because it’s fiber glass,” says Lorentz.

Mayor Lorentz says that a high school teacher and some of her students will be coming to the park to help paint over the damages.

There is also a $5 hundred reward for anyone with knowledge of the people responsible.

A video of the suspects involved is available on the Belpre Police Department’s Facebook page.

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