UPDATE: William Nutter takes a stand at his murder trial

WTAP News @ 11- Nutter Day 4
Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Thursday marked the fourth day of the William Nutter murder trial. He’s being charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing his brother on Mother’s Day.

Nutter took the stand with emotional testimony.

“The next thing that I remember is I’m standing there and I look down and I have a gun in my hands and my brother - he’s laying there up against the door and I’m realizing what just took place.”

That’s how Nutter described the moment after he fired multiple rounds at his brother.

At one point, Nutter broke down in tears, saying that he wanted to help his brother afterwards but didn’t know what to do.

This was challenged in cross examination, the prosecution pointing out that Nutter had access to medical equipment like gauze and tape.

Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Pat Lefebure asked Nutter if he performed CPR, put pressure on any wounds, or got rags to stop the bleeding, all to which Nutter said no.

“I didn’t know what to do, Mr. Lefebure.”

Nutter said he first tried to get help from his mom then ended up calling 9-1-1.

Before the confrontation with his brother, Nutter said his mom and him got into a fight but he and his brother didn’t exchange words - another dynamic Lefebure later called into question.

Nutter remembered, “..., and I hear him walking down the steps…and it was slow…so it kind of alarmed me like it didn’t feel right.”

Nutter said his brother approached him with a pry bar, Nutter tried to get out of the way, then his brother struck him. The struggle continued when Nutter got up, trying to get away.

Lefebure challenged this account, asking why things around the room weren’t knocked over from the incident and why he didn’t have more injuries.

The struggle continued into another room, where Nutter said he took his brother’s gun from him and shot him.

Nutter said, “He stops and I see him holding - I thought it was a sledgehammer - I didn’t have time to look at it...everything happened so fast - in one hand and what looks like a gun in the other. As soon as I seen him, I knew my life was in jeopardy.”

Cross examination challenged Nutter - from the effort he put into helping his brother after he was shot to whether Nutter had challenged his brother to a fight in the past.

Prosecution brought up a plethora of other topics like Nutter’s relationship with guns and how he got his gun supplies among other points.

Other witnesses that took the stand include Nutter’s former girlfriend, a forensic pathologist who did the autopsy, a detective, and a forensic scientist with the West Virginia State Police forensics lab.

They dissected evidence like ammunition, guns, and injuries, presenting pictures from the scene to the jury.

Closing arguments will be held this Friday. WTAP will be there to give you the latest.

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