Governor DeWine pledges $500 million for Ohio’s Appalachian counties

WTAP News @ 6- Gov. DeWine in Marietta
Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 5:47 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Governor DeWine pledged to provide $500 million for Appalachian counties throughout Ohio Thursday at People’s Bank Theater in Marietta.

This large amount, however, would still need to be approved by the Ohio State Legislature before being distributed to these counties.

DeWine said he wants communities to work with their elected officials and leaders for a year to decide what the money would go towards. He says while our nation is seeing inflation numbers climb and talks of a recession on the horizon, he remains optimistic for Ohio’s future.

“We are seeing companies that are coming to Ohio,” DeWine said. ”They are coming to Ohio because the cost of living is low, quality of life is great. There’s no better place to start a business, no better place to raise a family than in Ohio. We have an abundance of water-many of the southwestern states do not have that. We have electricity at a reasonable price so companies are looking to Ohio and we are just now seeing them come in. More and more are coming to Ohio. There’s no reason that many of those companies could not come to our Appalachian counties as well.”

DeWine listed off a few suggestions on how the money could be used.

Downtown revitalization, workforce development, broadband coverage, and substance abuse prevention were just a few. Representative Jay Edwrads and John Cary with the Governor’s Office of Appalachia also spoke about how they could envision this money being used to improve South East Ohio’s communities.

“We have pipeline infrastructure issues. We have three-phase electric issues. We have some foundational issues, transportation issues, roads, bridges, these things that are foundational on what we have on top of living in Appalachia…not as much opportunity, mental health, drug abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, things that we really gotta take part of and are part of this big announcement today. It may not seem like it but trust me they are,” Edwards said.

Even before sending this plan to the Ohio Legislature for approval, Dewine would still need to be reelected as Governor. Primary Election day is Tuesday May 3rd.

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