It’s all about leadership and giving back: Local student council wins national award

WTAP News @ 11- Local Student Council Wins National Award
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 8:39 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Parkersburg South’s student council is now labeled the 2022 National Gold Council of Excellence. It’s a title the National Student Council honored them with.

The program is all about leadership. Members set up and initiate fun school events.

Council Member Hannah Parsons said, “I would say my personal favorite is helping with the homecoming dances.”

However, students don’t just stay in their school’s bubble. They do community outreach as well.

Council Advisor Jaime Moss said, “We did outreach for homeless and they brought that idea to us and we’re going to be making sandwiches in the fall and making an assembly line.”

On top of that, members get leadership training, even getting the chance to talk to different legislatures at the state level.

Some student council members have a voice in school policy as well.

Parsons said, “Our main mission is to help out in the community and help out around our school, to do service projects, make kids feel involved…,”

Whether it’s raising money for charities through a students versus teachers basketball game or running a stuffed animal drive for local nursing homes, it’s a mission that brings people together.

Council Member Alia Ott said, “A lot of the work we do does bring our school together as classes and just the entire school but, for us especially as seniors, we’ve really seen it with our class and our transition of two middle schools into one big high school.”

And, in the process of lifting up others, this student council empowers its members as well.

Ott said, “I’m a very shy person. I’m very introverted usually but it definitely has gotten me out of my comfort zone.”

Parsons added, “It’s just fun to see how you started out as a shy person and now that you’re involved in groups you’ve grown to be more outgoing and more likely to talk in front of people.”

Moss said it’s the students who bring the ideas to the table, referring to council members as the best of the best.

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