Moms doing what they can during baby formula shortage

WTAP News @ 11- Baby Formula Shortage PKG
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 7:12 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON CO., Ohio (WTAP) - “This is the first time I’ve had to formula feed and it’s scary,” says Tory Hooper. “I mean I guess this whole time I would be fine and now we’re to this point where I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Hooper is one of many moms in the Mid-Ohio Valley who is dealing with the baby formula shortage.

There are many elements causing this shortage.

Such as supply chain disruptions, a recall in February, and an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan shut down.

And because of this, formula is becoming difficult to find.

“Monday I was able to ship in four containers of formula,” says Hooper. “And I looked today thinking that I would be okay. But it looks like it’s going to be at least a month, if not two months before I’m able to find the formula that I need. And the shelves are completely empty.”

It’s even more difficult for babies needing special kinds of formula.

As Brittany Lincoln has seen the prices for it shoot up online and can only find it at certain places.

“The places I have seen it like Ebay, they’re price gouging for a little itty bitty eight-ounce can. They’re trying to charge upwards of 60 to one hundred dollars. Which is completely insane,” says Lincoln. “Only place I’ve been able to find it is Gospel Mission Church or any churches willing to help get through this shortage right now.”

Even the mothers’ pediatricians say that they don’t have an answer for any alternatives.

“I’ve spoken with a few pediatricians to see what we’re supposed to do and unfortunately, I feel like we’re all scratching our heads at this point,” says Hooper.

“I called our pediatrician’s office and both of their pediatricians said they didn’t really have a whole lot of explanation of what to do where everybody’s just kind of stuck at the moment,” says Lincoln.

And although this time is impacting moms significantly, they are saying that it has shown a sense of community between those in similar situations.

And the people around them.

Hooper says, “We talk about how you need a village and I think in this time we’re finding even the people you didn’t expect to be a part of your village to be a part of your village.”

Both the Gospel Mission Food Pantry and North Parkersburg Baptist Church have baby formula.

If you would like to contact either group for formula, you can contact Gospel Mission by calling (740) 350-4417. And for North Parkersburg Baptist Church, you can dial (304) 428-3293.

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