A local family shares a Father’s Day tradition that just hit its nine-year anniversary

WTAP News @ Noon- Father's Day
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 11:31 AM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Father’s Day is a special day for many nationwide. One family from Marietta shared their unique Father’s day tradition that just hit its nine-year anniversary.

In 2013, Eric Reed bought Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets for his Father, Ted Reed, and Father-in-law, Bob Caldwell as a Father’s Day gift for all of them to enjoy the day together.

Little did they know this was about to become a yearly tradition as friends and family joined them on their future trips to see different music artists.

This year marked the ninth trip they have made for their Father’s Day tradition after the 2020 trip was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Caldwell shared his appreciation for his son-in-law coming up with this idea in the first place.

“It is an honor to have Eric as a son-in-law. I didn’t lose a daughter when he married her I gained a son and those aren’t just words. When he first initiated this it was an opportunity to listen to good music, have good fellowship when we traveled up in the van,” Caldwell shared.

When they first started going on this yearly trip they would stay over night in a hotel by the concert venue.

However, due to some health issues for Ted Reed he has volunteered over the past few years as the designated driver so they can make the trip up and back in one night.

During the trip, it is usually the conversations, the stops at different local bars for a drink and a fun NCAA tournament style music game called “The Bracket Game” that really makes the trip special for everyone besides just the concert.

“The Bracket Game” is played by setting a bracket filled with songs from different years and after debate between all the players they vote on which song everyone likes better until there is one song left standing as champion.

Eric Reed spoke about where the game stemmed from.

“It actually stems from when he graduated high school in 1962 and I graduated high school in 2000. So I take all of those years and put them in a hat and I draw 16 years out of the hat and I choose four rock songs from each of those 16 years,” Eric Reed said.

The tradition was put on pause for a year due to the pandemic but in 2021 the Reeds and Caldwell along with some friends and family returned to a concert venue for the first time since 2019.

Eric Reed shared what it was like to finally get back to the tradition after the pandemic cancelled it for a year.

“When you are back we saw Green Day in August of 2021 and to be there in a stadium with all of those people again I mean it was pretty therapeutic. It felt really special,” Eric Reed shared.

Over the years some of the artists they have seen include: Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, Green Day, and Chris Stapleton.

For this year’s trip, Eric, Ted, Bob, friends, and some more family made a trip to the Pavilion at Star Lake to see Brad Paisley just outside of Pittsburgh on June second to celebrate fathers day a little early this year.

Both Ted and Bob spoke about which concert was the most memorable for them over the years.

“I’ll have to go with Bruce Springsteen. He just goes on forever and is tireless and he is just really top notch. I don’t know how many hours it lasted but it was really good,” Ted Reed said.

“We were in the highest seats in Ohio Stadium, very last row watching Mick Jagger. And off in the distance was an electrical storm way off in the distance and at no time did it rain on us that night. Kid Rock was the warm up group, Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones, Ohio University choir joined him on one of the sets. That is the one that stands out today,” Caldwell said.

To all of the Father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day and everyone at WTAP hopes you enjoyed being celebrated on your day.

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