Obituary: Stewart, Terry Allen

Terry Allen Stewart Obit
Terry Allen Stewart Obit(None)
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 11:31 AM EDT
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AUSTINBURG, Ohio (WTAP) - Terry Allen Stewart, 70, fell asleep in death on June 11, 2022. He loved to work with his hands, and was hard at work when he passed away suddenly. Terry was a loving, faithful and generous man. His sincere demeanor made a lasting impression on everyone that he met. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends, especially his 3 children, Dustin, Shalene and Derek.

His parents, Willard Russell and Lena Minerva Poling Stewart, welcomed Terry into this world in 1951. Terry was born in Geneva, Ohio on December 15, 1951. He was born into a modest and humble family who resided in Austinburg, Ohio. Terry graduated in 1970 from Geneva High School in Ohio. Always a studious pupil, his study habits didn’t stop when he graduated high school. He continued to remain diligent in study and to grow in his love for the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. Along with his radiant smile, his diligent Bible study habits and commitment to God’s Word was what Terry Stewart was known for. On October 5, 1963 he was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and that was the basis on which he built the rest of his life. Jehovah first, and everything else was secondary.

Terry was introduced to Aidaliz in 1970 by mutual friends. They had attended the same high school, and even had some classes together, but it was still hard to believe that the woman before him was the same schoolgirl he had once known! She was stunning and Terry, never giving himself enough credit, thought he had no chance with such a beauty. However, Terry was raised by a meek and humble mother, which had a great impact on him. He always admired and respected his mother, and polished those same endearing qualities within himself. Aidaliz was drawn to Terry’s gentle and humble sincerity. They had a very brief courtship and were married on October 3, 1970. A marriage made up of Jehovah God and 2 unselfish souls. This 3-strand cord could and never would be broken. Terry and Aidaliz had a successful marriage and happy family, because they each loved Jehovah God above any other. They spent 51 years committed to each other. With each passing day, their love for one other grew. Aidaliz was the love of Terry’s life. He lovingly cared for her at home, until she passed away with Alzheimer’s disease, on August 27, 2021.

Terry loved the mountains, the wild rivers and wildlife of Colorado. Full of adventure and Terry’s love for the West, they relocated to Meeker, Colorado in 1974. Until they established themselves in Meeker, they lived in tents for 3 months, at South Fork, which lies at the confluence of the South Fork and Rio Grande rivers. He was a cowboy at heart, who felt most at home when living in the West. When he would see the Rocky Mountains, he would say, “I’m finally home!”

After 7 years of marriage, Terry and Aidaliz were ecstatic when they found out they were finally expecting! In 1978, they were blessed with their first child, Dustin. Having Dustin was the start of a new chapter together, as parents. Terry enjoyed being a father and teaching Dustin new and challenging things. He instilled within Dustin, to be an unwavering and determined person. Dustin grew to be a protector and just in time, because he was soon to become a big brother. In 1981, they warmly welcomed their daughter, Shalene. Terry taught Shalene to be reasonable, respectful and kind to others. Terry adored Shalene, and she was precious to him. They had a bond that was unique and truly special. Always his little girl, Shalene never outgrew holding his hand. After relocating to Sydney, Montana, they very happily welcomed their son Derek, in 1985. Terry enjoyed instilling within Derek, the importance of a name and the value of hard work. He taught Derek to bravely maintain a strong resolve in what you believe in, and be unwavering in that resolve. All three of Terry’s children knew their father was

steadfast and unmovable, always having plenty to do in the work of the Lord. They greatly respect the spiritual legacy he left behind.

Terry prioritized his spiritual relationship with his heavenly Father, Jehovah. He knew without a doubt, that if he lived or if he died, that he belonged to Jehovah. He lived his life, spiritually to the full. He was confident in God’s promise of eternal life on a paradise earth and loved to share that prospect with others. Spreading God’s Kingdom message was a constant highlight throughout his life. Over the years, he willingly donated countless hours in the ministry work. He allowed Jehovah God to mold him and use him to the full. As a result, he was a very joyful person!

Terry had a variety of secular jobs over the years. During his humble beginnings, he worked at a motel, a grocery store, drove a school bus, and performed gas station tank installations, among other things. He began working on oil rigs for the Texaco Oil Company in the 1980′s, then as an Electrician at Chevron Chemical Company, which became Americas Styrenics, or AmSty. He enjoyed working as an Electrician for many years at Chevron, but retired as a Safety Training Coordinator at Americas Styrenics, or AmSty in Marietta, Ohio.

Terry always took time to notice the small things in life. He loved to draw attention to the magnificent details of creation. He looked closely enough at a snowflake to see its fine design, and then meditating on that strengthened his appreciation for the creative abilities of Jehovah God. The smallest detail on a seashell would cause him to be inspired. He shared that appreciation with his family and they loved that about him. He loved to stargaze, admire a sunrise or sunset and look at the moon. His children recall that he often used a telescope to get an even closer look at the stars and planets. Terry enjoyed these marvels, but enjoyed sharing them with the ones he loved even more.

Terry is preceded in death, by his loving and beautiful wife, Aidaliz. Terry is survived by his son, Dustin Kevin Stewart, his wife Diedra Elizabeth Anderson Stewart, their 3 children Rylee Scott, Jade Elizabeth and Finley Lawrence of Warren, PA; his daughter, Shalene Lisa Stewart Kesterson, her husband Justin Marshall Kesterson of Cutler, OH; his son, Derek Levi Stewart, his wife Meredith Diane Crislip Stewart and their son, Cullen Levi of Westerville, OH. Each of these dear ones, he loved immensely from the heart. Dustin, Shalene and Derek meant the world to him.

The family would like to extend special thanks to the Benjamin Riggs Family, James Riggs Family and Matthew Plaxco Family. All of you greatly impacted Terry’s well-being and his family is forever grateful for the gift of your friendships.

There will be a Zoom Memorial Service for Terry on July 2, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. EST. There will be a video presentation at 1:50 p.m. EST before the service begins. Family and friends will be able to login to Zoom at 1:00 p.m. EST

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