The Toss Around: David Parsons

Published: Jul. 17, 2022 at 12:21 PM EDT
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In this weeks edition of The Toss Around, Parkersburg quarterback David Parsons spoke about how he feels heading into his first full year starting for the Big Reds.

“You know last year I played a lot but I had to share some time a little bit which is all good. I learned a lot doing that, but I’m very excited, you know to be the guy this year. Be the starter so I’m just excited to get going,” Parsons said.

Parsons is heading into his junior year of high school and he is excited to have the reigns all to himself this upcoming season.

“It’s great you know I’m really excited to see what I can do these next few years and get to where I want to be in college. And it’s kind of scary too. It went by so fast I feel like I’ve been in high school for like two days. It’s crazy,” said Parsons.

David has been playing quarterback his entire football career, so he knows how to stay focused under center.

“My grandpa taught me this is actually just short term memory. Like when I come off you know I look at the iPad, see what I did wrong and let it go. You know you don’t think about it. Cheer on the defense when they come out so it’s really you just got to have short term memory and get over it quick. I mean you’re going to have another drive,” said the junior.

The quarterback is ranked as the 11th best quarterback in the state of West Virginia, but his only care is helping his team to the ultimate goal.

“The most challenging, I think to be once again is getting to where we want to be, which is a state champion. So obviously that’s definitely a challenging thing but it’s definitely accomplishable. So I think definitely where we want to be as a state champion would be challenging but I think we can do it,” Parsons said.

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