Football Frenzy First Look: Parkersburg Big Reds

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Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 12:38 PM EDT
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In this Football Frenzy First Look, the Parkersburg Big Reds look to continue their adjustment to the new coaching schemes as well as prepare for the upcoming football season.

Coach Matt Kimes is a Parkersburg high school alumni as well as a former football player for the Big Reds, so he knows what the P.H.S. culture is all about.

“It’s an exciting time, you know the seasons here. So we’re just really focused on fundamentals right now, techniques, the kids learning what we expect of them. Things are going really smoothly,” said Coach Kimes. “I’m not a position coach so I get to go around to every position and see what the guys are working on. I’m really excited about what the guys are teaching and how the kids are progressing.

The players have done a great job of learning the new playbook and the skill position players such as the receivers and backs have done a great job this summer in 7 on 7s.

“We got a couple scrimmages to get everything down before our first game, but the first home game of the season, it’s going to be crazy,” said Parkersburg senior, Logan Hartshorn. “We know we got a lot more people coming last year especially with coach Kimes being back, everybody is excited to see what he’s brought to this system.”

But, as soon as the pads come on the game becomes different and the trench guys on the offensive and defensive line can now show off their skill.

“I mean, It’s a big difference to be honest. I mean it goes from seven on seven to 11 v 11. You put pads on, you’re hitting. Seven on seven is just the athletes, you don’t have the trench guys to be in there, do all the dirty work. So it’s a big difference,” said Parkersburg senior, Austin Fleming. “To be honest, I feel like I have the best position on the field. I mean you just go in there haywire, make a hit, the crowd goes crazy. It’s an amazing feeling. I mean I don’t think there is any other feeling in the world than that.”

The players have been looking forward to getting their shoulder pads and helmets on and putting on a show under the Friday night lights.

“But I love it, it’s part of the sport. It’s mental for sure. Like we were counting on each other to be there. We’re all working hard, we’re sweating, we’re all fighting, we’re all getting better everyday,” said senior Grant Snyder.

Parkersburg opens up their season on Aug. 26. at home as they host St. Albans.

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