Sales Tax Holiday weekend for Ohio and West Virginia

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Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 8:14 PM EDT
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Many parents are looking for deals to help get the kids ready to go back to school.

Both Ohio and West Virginia have a sales tax holiday to help this weekend.

The sales tax holiday in both Ohio and West Virginia are underway, and will continue through the weekend.

During the holidays clothing and school supplies can be bought without taxes to a certain amount.

Flite Freimann is the director for the Washington County Department of Job and Family Services says this a good way for families to save money.

Freimann said, “With the inflation, with the increase in gas prices, with the increased energy prices that we’re seeing, this sales tax holiday coming this year is going to be a major boom for our families here.”

In Vienna Friday families were out looking for back to school deals hoping to take advantage of the tax break.

Kristie Campbell said, “It means a lot because we have five kids so it helps a lot; saving that little bit of tax money.”

Crissy Shepherd said, “If you have multiple children, or even one, it’s helpful because you can use that towards another item, that’s usually about how much it takes off, so that is nice. It’s already hard enough to try and buy for school.”

Heather Lott said, “Well I think right now, just with how the economy and with inflation on everything, any penny saved is important. The sales tax holiday is excellent because 20 or 30 dollars saved is really crucial right now.”

The sales tax holiday will end for Ohio at 11:59 PM Sunday and 11:59 PM on Monday for West Virginia.

Freimann says if people in Washington County need help getting back to school items they should reach out to the Washington County Job & Family Services offices at 740 - 373 - 5513 or your local school district.

For more information on the holidays visit:

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