Washington County 911 Center gets an official site for operations

Washington Co. 911 Center gets an official site for operations
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 7:04 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - “Anytime you try to put together a new agency, so to speak, you got to have a home for it,” says Washington County Commissioner Kevin Ritter. “So, one of the first things we thought about is where to locate the 911 Center.”

Officials in Washington County have selected a place to put the 911 Center at Gold Star Family Park in Marietta.

Plans are already in place to bring the project to life.

“We’ll have one new building where the existing building is now. We’ll demolish that. So, there will be a new community center built there,” says Marietta Mayor Josh Schlicher. “And then, next to fire station four on top of the hill will be where the 911 Center will go.”

Officials say that this location has many benefits to help with emergency calls.

The elevated area will make it easier to get calls and there will be a faster and more efficient way to communicate with first responders in the county.

“With this 911 central location, we’ll be able to dispatch everybody out of one location countywide,” says Schlicher. “And the benefits are also that we’ll have between three and four dispatchers at once working in conjunction with each other.”

County officials say that the location will also help with the delays that can happen when calling for help.

“It literally can be life and death. When we’re talking about calls getting bounced around from one tower to another, one dispatch center to another, obviously seconds count,” says Ritter. “So, whether it’s a health emergency or some kind of emergency, that lost time is very, very important. And it could put lives in danger.”

With some of these delays meaning dire circumstances.

“And take on the law enforcement side, if you have any situation whether it would be a robbery, whether it be a domestic violence; again, seconds count,” says Washington County Commissioner James Booth. “And as a previous police officer, you realize that the quicker you get the information the better the response and the more accurate information.”

Schlicher says that the 911 Center will follow the same model as the one in Belmont County.

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