Parkersburg Police Officer is returning to school

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Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 6:23 PM EDT
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Parkersburg City Park Officer is going back to school.

Officer Jeremy Pinkerton has spent his summer vacation protecting and interacting with people at the public parks around Parkersburg.

This was the first year Parkersburg Police Department had a school resource officer stationed inside the parks.

Parkersburg Police Chief Matthew Board says the program has been a success.

Board said, “He’s active, he’s wonderful with kids, and that’s what he does the majority of the year is work with kids so it was a perfect fit. He’s done a phenomenal job. We’ve gotten wonderful reports back from the community via email and phone calls about just how much people appreciate him and I appreciate him doing it.”

Patrolman First Class Jeremy Pinkerton says he is glad he got to take part in the program.

Pinkerton said, “I allowed them to look in my cruiser, they all wanted to turn on the lights and sirens on, and they wanted to look at my different equipment, they just had a lot of questions. After talking with them, I told them what my cruiser number was, and every time I pulled into the park or are walking around, all their heads would turn, they would get distracted, and be excited to see me which was very rewarding.”

Tieanna Eader spends a lot of time in the park with her kids and she shared what it meant to have Pinkerton around.

Eader said, “It actually feels great to know that the kids can come somewhere and be safe when they play. It’s always nice to have a safe environment to take your children to just to play, and know that there will be someone here to serve and protect if something ever does happen to them.”

When school starts back up next week, Pinkerton will be returning to Hamilton Middle School where he has been the resources officer for the past few years.

He hopes to be given the opportunity to return to the parks next summer.

Even though Pinkerton won’t be there, police will continue to patrol the parks.

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