Football Frenzy First Look: St. Marys Blue Devils

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 12:33 PM EDT
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In this Football Frenzy First Look, the St. Marys Blue Devils discussed the upcoming season and how their team has looked throughout their summer of workouts leading up to this point in training camp.

“Throughout camp, yeah I see us limiting penalties, working harder, working together a lot more. And every one of us got each other’s backs so it’s good to know going into the season. And just yeah growing closer and getting better,” said senior, Brady Illar.

The team has 17 out of 22 starters returning from this past year as well as a new transfer player in Joey Ramsey.

At this point in camp, the Blue Devils know that they have some things to clean up as they get closer to the first game.

“You know we did most of the passing game during the summer and added the run game once camp started. So I feel like they’re progressing. Well I mean we got to focus on our, I told them we had to focus on our turnovers. We got to win that battle. We got to eliminate our penalties and those are the things we got to focus on,” said Head Coach Jodi Mote.

Josh Roush returns and hopes to have as dominant a season as he did this past year when he finished second in the state in rushing yards.

The players have noticed the change in the locker room and they are getting more comfortable on the field as their chemistry continues to develop.

“Chemistry has a lot to do with what you do outside of practice too. So we do a lot of community stuff like I said. We go out to eat sometimes, stay at each other’s houses, just hang out,” said St. Marys player, Noah Wince.

The Blue Devils finished 6-4 this past season and barely missed the playoffs after winning the State Championship in 2020.

St. Marys opens up their regular season on Aug. 26 on the road against Roane County.

“It’s just like shooting your first deer, you just get that tingling feeling in your stomach. You’re just ready to go, all hyped up. You can smell the hamburgers, hot dogs cooking everything else. And you’re sitting out there to have a good time and hopefully win a ball game,” said senior lineman, Owen Velazquez.

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