Memorial Bridge starts one-way direction of traffic over bridge

Drivers can no longer enter the bridge through Belpre
WTAP News @ 5
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 4:53 PM EDT
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The new on-way traffic pattern on the Memorial Bridge started Monday, Aug. 15th.

Drivers will only be able to enter the bridge from the Parkersburg side heading to Belpre.

No longer will drivers be able to cross the bridge from Belpre to Parkersburg.

According to Bridge officials, this change is because of continued traffic violations.

According to a news release, limiting traffic to only one way is meant to increase safety for both drivers and construction workers.

Ken Szeliga is the Vice President of Construction and Operations for the Parkersburg Bridge Partners.

He said the primary reason for choosing Parkersburg as the entrance is the toll booth.

They hope that stopping at the toll booth will provides an extra filter for oversized vehicles.

Szeliga said that they will continue to use Parkersburg Police to help with the transition.

As drivers get use to the new traffic pattern, they will transition out the police and only use the tollbooth workers.

The toll amount is staying the same at 50 cents.

City officials say they have not heard of any issues from Monday’s change.

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