Customized backpacks help make going back to school easier for some students

Child Advocacy nonprofit partners with Northwestern Mutual to helps 11-17 year-olds
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Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 4:13 PM EDT
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Northwestern Mutual is partnering with a local child’s advocacy group to help make going back to school a little more special.

The Court Appointed Special Advocates is a non-profit group that supports court-appointed volunteers for children who experienced abuse or neglect.

According to Margaret Hoschar who is the program director for CASA… Northwestern reached out to her about 4 years ago to create a backpack drive for the older children in the system.

The drive targets kids between 11 and 17 years old.

Margaret says this age group is often forgotten or overlooked.

This year… 15 kids were chosen to create their unique-to-them backpacks.

“I go through the start of the new year, jan 1 and go through my database and look at the children’s age. And pick between the 11 and 17 children we have in that age. Everyone between that age should get one if they’re local and out of home.”

Hoschar said that CASA is representing over 450 children and first the jan of 22 240 new cases. She said because of this, kids are only eligible to get the backpacks once to help make sure everyone can get one each year.

To customize everything, the kids pick the color of the backpack, water bottle, if they want their name embroidered on the front.

They also give their sizes for the shoes and sweatshirts.

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