Parkersburg police get training to help with school safety

Tactical skills and techniques will help keep the community safe
WTAP News @ 10
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 6:23 PM EDT
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With the new school year starting, student safety is a top priority.

While students were on vacation, the Parkersburg Police Department decided to take a proactive approach in summer months.

According to Police Chief Matthew Board, their tactical team trained the officers for situations like an active threat in the schools or a school shooting type scenario.

With the training, Chief Board says that every officer in the department has taken a tour of every school in the city of Parkersburg.

This taught each officer the layout of the schools.

Then, using other schools, the officers got to work on the specific tactics, skills, and techniques to use within the schools.

Chief Board said this proactive training is to keep communities safe.

“This type of training is not geared toward taking someone into custody this type of training is geared toward a dynamic response to an immediate threat, neutralizing that threat, and keeping as many people safe as possible, as expeditiously as we can,” Board said.

Chief Board said proficient in whatever technique we needed to implement to neutralize a threat in that environment and save as protecting as many people as fast as possible.

He stated that children are precious and schools need to be protected.

They plan to continue the training, but he hopes they never have to use it.

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