This is Home: The spirit of Homecoming

Two volunteers are recognized for over 30 years of dedication
WTAP News @ 10
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 4:22 PM EDT
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The annual Parkersburg Homecoming celebration kicks off this evening.

Two people who have shown the true spirit of Homecoming to help keep the event going.

When we asked who the most dedicated and long-lasting volunteers were, Charlotte Nestor and Rick Modesitt were the first names to be mentioned.

For many in Parkersburg these two evoke the spirit of homecoming.

They have been volunteering at the Parkersburg homecoming for over 30 years, having started their time with the festival back in 1985.

Throughout the year they have worked to make homecoming fun and enjoyable for people of all ages.

While their roles may have changed, one thing has stayed constant for them, their love for homecoming.

Nestor and Modesitt said that after almost 37 years… they still love volunteering.

“I love to volunteer. I love giving my time back to the public. And to show I’ve been on there for that long it can be done. And I just enjoy giving back,” said Nester

“I think it’s very very important for local people to give back to the community. It strengthens the community across the board and it unifies people for positive movement forward for a community and it makes us all stronger and better,” Modesitt said.

Nestor said that she tries to help anywhere and anytime she’s needed.

This dedication was recognized last year with the “Spirit of Homecoming” award after she continued to help *even* while being treated for breast cancer. She remembered back on receiving the award:

“I was just coming back after I had breast cancer,” Nestor said. “We had a meeting and that was presented to me. Which meant a lot. I was really surprised. And I’m glad that they see that I would have the spirit that I can go out and still be myself no matter what obstacles are in my way.”

Modesitt explained that there are two main reasons he comes back year after year.

The first is that by helping with free activities like the homecoming, it allows everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves. The second is for what he gets to see.

“I stand at the exit and watch people leave and when you see them laughing and enjoying themselves and smiling it’s just a good feeling. And it’s something we can do for the community and provide some quality of life for our community,” Modesitt shared.

Nestor and Modesitt said they’re honored to work with all of the volunteers, describing everyone as like a family.

Nestor explained that she loves all of them and it makes her feel good to see people who volunteer and come back the next year.

Rick Modesitt is the owner of RMA Presents entertainment company. He said he’ll be helping with the entertainment as usual this year.

Charlotte Nestor said she’ll drive the wife of Woody Miller. He served as the homecoming president and recently passed away.