Your Good News: High schooler’s nonprofit gives back to families affected by addiction

WTAP News @ 10
Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 6:55 PM EDT

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - For August’s “Your Good News” segment sponsored by Morrison Incorporated, seven high school boys are giving back to their community by working hard and donating money to a charitable cause that impacts most of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Jade Thompson is a teacher at Marietta High School. She said her colleague Heath Rader sent out a message promoting his son Maddox’s nonprofit “Mad’s Muscle Men”. The nonprofit was created to help kids and families affected by opioid addiction.

Maddox, who is a junior at Parkersburg South High School, and his football teammates, Dylan Fleak, Evan Cottrill, Aden Swisher, Kaidyn Johnson, Aeneas Lauderman, and Bowen Rader volunteer their time by taking on jobs like moving furniture and mowing lawns and they would receive a donation in return.

Thompson requested the help of “Mad’s Muscle Men” to help her move furniture into her house that was gifted by a friend. She said she loves seeing these young men helping others and hopes their nonprofit can continue to grow.

“It’s so heartwarming to see young people have a service heart and it’s so important because you know that’s how our community is run by people who do things and aren’t paid for them and you know to see people with a service heart, I have a service heart, and it’s nice to see that and it’s heartwarming to see young kids especially starting something on their own,” Thompson said.

So far, “Mad’s Muscle Men” have performed around six to seven jobs and raised a total of $1200. Maddox said he would like to continue helping others and make the volunteering work year-round.

“I really like to help my community out some of them were given the wrong hand in life so it’s not fair for them to like go through that so I could just help them out,” Maddox said.

“I’m so glad these kids were able to be honored with this program,” David Haas, President of Morrison Incorporated said. “Not only did they give their time to people that need help, but they also give the money they get as donations back to charitable causes.”

Morrison Incorporated will make a $100 donation to “Mad’s Muscle Men”. You can find them on Facebook if you need help with any job you have.

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