College football fan attempting to break record for most games attended by road-trip in one season

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 4:53 PM EDT
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Ben Chase’s minivan gets used as a bed, an office and transportation as he works to break the record for attending the most college football games in one season by road-trip.

“The record is 50 by two brothers in 2016 and they traveled together, and I was like, ‘alright, if they can do 50, I can do 60,”” Chase said.

His trip started in Tucson, Arizona and 12 games later, he finds himself in Blacksburg for the Virginia Tech and West Virginia battle Sept. 22.

“I’m excited,” Chase said. “I’ve never been to Lane Stadium, so I’m here for Enter Sandman, the sandstorm, whatever you guys are going to do.”

In only three weeks of the football season, he’s spent countless hours on the road and many nights in his van.

“I’ve only, I’ve had three beds and three couches, so out of 24 nights, that’s 18 in my van,” he said.

Since everything is funded out of his own pocket, he sleeps in his van to cut costs. He also takes advantage of food at game-day tailgates and makes connections at games for tickets.

He’s only paid out of pocket to get into two games so far.

“People always ask me ‘are you rich or whatever?’ and no, I’m not,” Chase said. “My mom worked four jobs when I grew up. I worked at Disney World making more money than my mom and dad combined, so this is me just out here like chasing my dream every day.”

At each stop along the way, he makes sure he’s all in on the home team, so during the VT and WVU game, you’ll be able find Chase wearing maroon and orange.

Chase also makes sure he purchases a t-shirt and hat from each school. After every game, the hat gets shipped to someone who’s supported his trip.

He isn’t intentionally fundraising for this road trip, but he’s had some people donate money along the way, and in one case, someone donated hotel points to allow him a place to stay for a night.

If you’d like to track Chase’s journey, follow him on Twitter @BenGChase.