Madison Wine sentenced to life in prison for the death of her adoptive parents

Wine’s 5 first degree felony charges were given maximum penalties by Judge Bean
WTAP News @ 11
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 7:53 PM EDT
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Madison Wine was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of her adoptive parents, Rob and Charlotte Taylor.

Wine was convicted of the murders of her adoptive parents, attempted murder of her stepsister, animal cruelty, and arson, for a house fire she started in 2019.

Before the sentence was read, Wine spoke before the court.

“I wish I could take it all back. I’m not the murderer everyone says I am. My actions were not intentional, purely accidental. But in a world like this, even accidents have consequences. So here I am. I’m not complaining. I deserve this.// I don’t want you to think I don’t care about what I did. Because I do. I’m not heartless. I have feelings. I miss them and I wish they were here, but I feel like I don’t have the right to miss them because I was the cause of everything.// People think I lack empathy; They think I’m the definition of a psychopath, but that’s not the case. This is hurting me as much as it’s hurting everyone else…”

Sherri Bee, The ex-wife of Rob Taylor, the man wine is convicted of murdering, and the mother of his three children also read a statement about the suffering her family has gone through at the hands of Wine.

“My prayers are that Madison pays to the fullest extent for this crime. My hope is that she will never be paroled. My children and grandchildren will have painful emotions for the remainder of their lives for which they cannot be paroled from. Rob and Charlotte can not be paroled from their graves. So she should be punished and never paroled.”

Judge Bean sentenced Wine to the maximum punishment for each crime to be served consecutively.

Two life sentenced and at least 24 years for the three charges.

The prosecuting attorney, Josh Downey, said Wine got the sentencing she deserves but it’s not a day of celebration.

“This is not a happy day. This is a very sad day. This was a horrific set of facts. Madison Wine’s life before this happened was horrible and she went through things she shouldn’t, but that does not forgive what happened that day back in 2019. And Rob and Charlotte Taylor had nothing to do with that, her younger sister, and even the dogs in the case. It’s just an incredibly sad case. So when you look at those facts, this was an appropriate sentence.”

Because Wine was a juvenile when the crimes were committed, she is eligible for parole after 15 years.

Also heard before sentencing, Wine’s legal council presented to motions asking for a post-verdict acquittal and for the judge to set the verdict aside and order a new trial. The defense argued the state did not, beyond a reasonable doubt, Wine’s sanity. Therefore, the defense argued the jury did not give Wine the benefit of the doubt regarding a verdict of not guilty by reasons of mental illness.

The judge denied both motions.