Wood Co. Sheriff Deputy filed a civil lawsuit naming several members of Wood Co.

Deputy Hewitt claims she experienced gender discrimination, retaliation, deprivation of due process, etc.
WTAP News @ 6
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 8:03 PM EDT
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Wood County Sheriff Deputy Tasha Hewitt filed a civil lawsuit naming several members of wood county on September 13th of this year.

The lawsuit has been filed, but the defendants have not been served yet.

According to the lawsuit, Hewitt’s claims she experienced gender discrimination, retaliation, deprivation of due process, and intentional cause of emotional distress.

This is the second complaint Hewitt has brought against former Sheriff Stephens, the Sheriff’s Department and Wood County Commissions.

According to documentation, Hewitt entered into a confidential settlement agreement  in June 2020 with Former Sheriff Stephens, the Wood County Sheriffs Office and County Commission for allegations of  harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation, and more.

“In this particular case, the fact that [former] Sheriff Stephens’ conduct was well known, not just by Sheriff Stephens, not just by members of the Sheriff’s Department, but by the Prosecutor, by the County Commission, and no one acted to stop it. They simply paid off deputy Hewitt and thought that would be the end of it. But unfortunately, Sheriff Stephens continued...”

Scott Kaminski, a lawyer representing Hewitt, says that Former Sheriff Steve Stephens intentionally discriminated against Hewitt and then retaliated after she filed complaints.

Kaminski further explained why Hewitt named the Sheriff’s office, County Commission, and the County Prosecutor for certain failures.

“And in this case, deputy Hewitt made the complaint, there was investigation, there was resolution, and then there was subsequent continuation of the conduct and retaliation. And that’s what deputy Hewitt and other women in the workforce need to be protected from otherwise no one is ever going to make a complaint.”

In this suit, Hewitt is asking for punitive damages, but Kaminski says they are not prepared to put a monetary figure on how much they are seeking yet.

“To put a monetary figure on it I’m not prepared to do at this point. But obviously we’re seeking monetary damages for the harm done to Deputy Hewitt in terms of her reputation, her ability to perform her job function as a law enforcement officer either with the Wood County sheriff’s dept. Or in the future with other law enforcement offices, and for the emotional distress she has suffered for what she has been through again with the full knowledge of the county commission and others to whom she complained and the conduct just went right on.”

Hewitt is still employed with the Sheriff’s office. Kaminski reported Hewitt’s condition has improved since Stephen’s retirement.

We have not been able to get comments from any of the defendants.