The fall seasons brings stricter laws for outdoor fires

Fines can be issued for violation of laws
WTAP News @ 5
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 4:38 PM EDT
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As we get into fall, Officials say we need to be more careful of burning things outdoors.

Fall forest fire season started October first limiting the hours you can have outdoor burns.

Jeremy Jones is the Assistant State Forester for Fire in the West Virginia Division of Forestry.

According to Jones, as the leaves fall off the trees, more sunlight can hit the forest floor. This causes the floor to dry out and makes it easier to catch fire.

Jones said that most of the forest fires in West Virginia are manmade.

”Year in and year out, the majority of our fires are started by people burning debris. So that’s why we have the fire laws that we do to hopefully help curb some of that.”

Jones said the easiest thing people can do to help prevent forest fires is to follow the laws and use common sense.