Man is sentenced for killing his mother and setting the house on fire

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Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 12:57 PM EDT
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UPDATE: 10:30 PM October 13, 2022

A man accused of killing his mother and setting the house on fire has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years for aggravated murder.

Lionel Gore pled guilty this Thursday.

It’s been a long road to justice for the Gore family but, this week in court, they addressed Lionel directly in a series of emotional statements.

One family member said, “I have had more anxiety attacks in the last 11 months than I’ve had any other time in my life. Having someone you loved murdered changes you. It changes you deeply and permanently.”

Diane Gore was murdered in November of 2021. Prosecutor Nicole Coil says her son Lionel Gore killed her.

One family member said, “You took our sister’s life. Her fear was always that you would kill her and she was right. You murdered her and you ended her.”

Three young relatives were in the house when Lionel and Diane got into an argument. The kids were told to play hide and seek then Lionel killed Diane. He decapitated her in front of the six year old then set the house on fire.

Coil said, “It’s a miracle that the six year old was able to get himself and the other two toddlers out of the home before it burned and they lost their lives as well.”

One kid told a relative about what happened after they escaped. That relative then went to the house to find Lionel. Coil says the family member was met with Lionel, who was bloody and told her to get out or she would be next.

Lionel took off in the car.

He ended up being arrested in Wetzel County on unrelated charges.

When questioned by police, Coil said Lionel admitted to killing his mother, and told police about how his mother’s spirit was trying to escape and talked about heathens, who were the devil’s disciples.

Relatives say the six year old is traumatized.

On Thursday, a relative read a statement for the child.

“And I quote, ‘Will you ask him to please keep him in jail so we can be safe? Ask him to do it for me. Please.’”

And family members confronted Lionel.

One said, “You tore my mother apart. You tore our family apart. Do you have any shame, Lionel?”

When Judge Kerenyi asked him if he wanted to apologize, Lionel refused.

Family members remember Diane as a godly woman.

A relative said, “I’ll do my best to honor Diane. She was a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, and friend…but most of all she was a mother to her sons.”

All information above is according to the prosecutor’s account.

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 1 PM October 13, 2022

The man charged with murder for the death of his mother and then setting her house on fire has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years for aggravated murder.

Prosecutors say Lionel Gore killed his mother, Diane Gore, in November of 2021.

Diane was home watching young relatives when she and Lionel got into an argument. Diane told the children to play hide and seek during the altercation.

Lionel ended up killing her and cutting her head off afterwards. A six year old relative witnessed the decapitation.

Then Lionel set the house on fire.

In court on Thursday, Diane’s family confronted Lionel in a series of emotional statements.

When the judge asked Lionel if he wanted to apologize to his family, he said no.

We’ll have more details on the sentencing later tonight.