This is Home: Racing against the odds

“Just never quit, never give up and just keep going.”
WTAP News @ 6
Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 6:26 PM EST
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Thursday we reported on the thousands that showed up for the 44th annual Parkersburg Turkey Trot.

We heard from several people before the race and learned how, for some it is a tradition to run and walk each year.

Kristin Lambert is a local race enthusiast with an inspiring story about perseverance and optimism.

About 8 years ago, Kristin was in a car accident that led to the amputation of her right leg.

She said she didn’t want this accident to slow her down or change her life... and she hasn’t.

She continues to be a member of the River City Runners and Walkers Club, participates in races, and goes to the gym.

Kristin loves the Turkey Trot. She participated for about 10 years before her accident and has continued to be a part of it every year since, for a total of 18 years with the race. This year, she did it with her mom and brother.

“It’s so special. I just want to make a lot of memories and laughs and know that there’s pumpkin pie waiting for me at the finish line.”

In the 8 years since the car accident leading the amputation of her right leg, Kristen hasn’t lost the love for races.

“...You have new friends and old friends to catch up with. It’s just a fun time…..I didn’t want it to slow me down or change my life. So mind over matter. I’m still out here running the races with my friends.”

Kristin often participates in the races with friends and family.

Last year, she was joined by a special friend for the Turkey Trot.

“...I got to join in with Keating. He is a therapy dog with the Amputee Center and he was born without his front paw. And they made a prosthetic paw for him and we did the race together. So I said. If he can finish so can I.”

She’s continues to do races around the country, including Indiana where she was presented a “Most inspirational award” plaque.

“Just a positive way to look at it. Just trying to get people to be like, “If she can do, it so can I.” To get more people off the couch and be more active.”

Kristin gives the biggest credit to her success to God, her parents, having a good sense of humor, and a positive outlook that you can do anything you put your mind to.

“Just never quit, never give up and just keep going.”

Her goal next year is to do more 5Ks with her friends in the runners club.