Pleasants County Circuit Court files injunction and petition to stop business at tobacco and vape shop; issued by Pleasants County Sheriff’s Office

WTAP News @ 10
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 9:23 PM EST
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PLEASANTS COUNTY, W.Va. (WTAP) - According to a news release on the Pleasants County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, an Order Granting Injunction and Filing of Petition for “A Tobacco & Vape LLC” has been filed by Pleasants County Circuit Court. The court directed the Pleasants County Sheriff’s Office to serve a copy of the order to the business Thursday.

The petition is requesting that a temporary and permanent injunction be issued, that any illegal drug paraphernalia seized be forfeited, any monies used in creating the public nuisance taken as a result of the search warrant be forfeited, and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.

According to the release, the order directs the business to cease and desist from maintaining, operating, or transaction of any business in Pleasants County, WV; to sell, market, or distribute any illegal drug paraphernalia or drug devices; or any object usable for smoking marijuana, for smoking controlled substances defined as tetrahydrocannabinols or ingesting or inhaling cocaine.

The order is in response to a Petition to Abate Public Nuisance and For Injunction to Prevent Such Nuisance filed by the Pleasants County Prosecuting Attorney.

Observations were provided to law enforcement of the sale of illegal drug paraphernalia to a minor.

According to the release, a seizure was done at the business, and large amounts of illegal drug paraphernalia on the property consistent with the use of controlled substances, the sale and/or delivery of such illegal drug paraphernalia to a minor, the failure to obtain a business license to operate within the City of St. Marys and the failure to register with required agencies with the state of West Virginia to operate a business in Pleasants County, WV.

The Pleasants County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation with help from the St. Marys Police Department. The Pleasants County Sheriff’s Office is also actively working with an investigator with the WV State Tax Department.

The Sheriff posted a copy of the order on the door, and it is currently closed.