Academic Achiever: Jordan Claypoole

WTAP News @ 10 - Academic Achiever Jordan Claypoole
Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 4:31 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Jordan Claypoole is a junior at Parkersburg South High School. Thanks to hard work and the support she receives from her family, Jordan has been a straight A student for as long as she can remember.

Jordan says that the secret to her academic success is time management. “Between just school and swim practice, I make time just to do as much homework as possible and make sure I’m healthy and all of that,” she said.

Jordan isn’t sure where she wants to go for college yet, though she’s considering a number of schools both in West Virginia and out of state. Though she isn’t sure exactly what she’d like to major in yet, science is her favorite subject, which gives her some ideas. “I’m thinking, as of right now, forensic science, exercise physiology, or food science and nutrition are my top choices right now.

In addition to her academic success, Jordan is also on the student council, where she serves as a voting rep for the junior class. She’s also a state champion server who has also set a number of records for the sport at her school.

Jordan says swimming is one of the most important fixtures of her life. “I’ve done it most of my life, and it’s just a way to get out of the real world. It’s always been very calming for me, and if I had a rough day, it’s always been a place that I can go to and have a great time and forget about all the problems.”

Despite her academic success and athletic achievements, Jordan says she still has some things she can work on. “Definitely like, the mental side,” she said. “Especially swimming and school you just have to learn to become stronger, and that’s what I’m currently trying to improve on, is just staying positive and always finding a way out of a difficult situation.”

Jordan said that, when she isn’t winning swimming championships or acing AP courses, she also likes to paint.

Though Jordan isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do for a career, her hard work has set her up to help make whatever she dives into next a success.