This Is Home: Buddy goes home with his new family

After over three months at the pet spa, the 7-year-old dogs gets a new home
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Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 3:58 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Last week we told you the story of Buddy, the dog who’d been at Crazy Bone Pet Spa for months after his owner passed away.

It was a bittersweet goodbye at crazy bone on Monday as the staff handed the leash over to Buddy’s new owners.

The pet spa had been taking care of the 7-year-old dog for over three months and asked the community for help in finding him a new, permanent home.

Crazy Bone Pet Spa’s owner, Brett Lyons says after we shared the story, several people reached out asking about Buddy, including Teresa and Gary Gould.

Lyons says the staff has gotten close to buddy and is sad to see him go, but they’re happy to know he’s going home with a loving family.

“He is going to a good home, his parents love him already,” Brett Lyons said.

Gary and Teresa Gould have had many dogs over the years, and say they already know Buddy is the perfect addition to their family.

“Who wouldn’t want Buddy? We saw him on TV, I think it was Brett who was talking about Buddy and his need for a home. And we lost our dear lab after 15 years last summer, so we’re ready for another dog,” says Teresa Gould.

Brett Lyons says a lot of people showed interest in Buddy, and they even received several donations for his care.

“And all of those donations will go with him to his new vet which will help pay for his medicine in the future.”

Seven-year-old Buddy has diabetes and arthritis needing insulin shots and regular vet visits.

Teressa says this didn’t make them want Buddy any less.

“It makes us more mindful of his care, but I’m a nurse and my daughters a nurse and we’re kind of accustomed to injections from time to time, so we have no issues with this,” said Teresa.

The Gould’s say they have 14 acres of land, perfect for any dog. Teresa says they already have a great routine that’ll help Buddy stay healthy.

“We’ll take a talk every morning up the road and then we’ll pick up another dog, my daughter’s dog to take a walk and then we’ll walk back down the road.”

Gary Gould added that they take a ride after the walk almost every day.

Teresa says she’s thankful for the staff at Crazy Bone.

“It feels wonderful, and it’s especially wonderful who we’ve seen all the wonderful care that he’s had. It’s a good feeling… yes it is.”

The Gould’s say this isn’t a goodbye, but a see you later.

“We will be back for a shampoo from time to time. And we’ll get to see everybody and I hope he progresses as much as he’s progressed from the time you’ve had him. So we’re excited. I want to do everything properly so you’ll be happy when you see him again,” said Teresa.

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