Belpre City Council discusses feral cats, a potential sewer company expansion, and more

WTAP News @ 11
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 12:22 AM EST
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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Multiple items were discussed at Monday night’s Belpre City Council meeting.

City Council member Steve Null talked about a resolution that would help control the feral and roaming cat population in Belpre. He said there are around 400 of those cats in the area and worries about them continuing to breed. He hopes that the city will agree to a $10,000 contract with Save a Kitty Feral Cat Program. The organization would trap the cats, neuter them, give them vaccinations, and establish a colony where someone would take care of the cats.

Null clarified that roaming cats are outdoor cats that no one owns but are taken care of by community members.

Null told WTAP that the resolution will be presented to council to vote on at a future meeting. A committee has already approved it.

Null also drew attention to a poisonous hemlock that’s all over the state, including Belpre. He worries about it spreading and hurting local animals, including cattle.

Additionally, Southeastern Ohio Port Authority’s Jesse Roush presented a plan to expand Belpre City Sewer by around three miles. Roush told WTAP that this would create jobs with the sewer company. He said it would also add sewer service to under and undeveloped real estate in the area.

While no action was taken on the Belpre EMS situation, council members did mention efforts towards coming up with a solution.

Null suggested having a full-time paid fire chief. He told WTAP that he believes this would keep EMS more accountable. He said it would provide more oversight over EMS as well as more organization within EMS.

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