Local Kroger employees comment on issues with payroll system

WTAP News @ 6 - Kroger lawsuit
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 7:02 PM EST
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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - Several Kroger associates have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that their employer has engaged in widespread wage theft against its employees after adopting a new payroll system in 2022.

In mid 2022, Kroger rolled out a new system nationwide called My Time to handle its payroll and timekeeping. According to a class action lawsuit filed by several Kroger associates in the grocery chain’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Area, the system has resulted in many Kroger associates being denied their legally earned compensation.

Lead Attorney for the suit Matthew Handley had this to say: “In really no uncertain terms, the rollout has been a bit of a disaster. There have been just a whole host of problems that have resulted from this new roll out, resulting in employees who have not been paid for all hours worked, including, some of them, going weeks without any sort of pay.

Donna Smith, an associate at the Belpre Kroger, said she’s seen widespread duplicate charges for insurance premiums across the staff that have yet to be resolved. She elaborated on other issues she’s had personally as well. “I personally have not been paid my time and a half that I had earned for working extra,” she said. “I’m waiting on that. Personal days or holiday pay, I have not been paid correctly for that. "

Similar concerns were expressed by assistant manager Ruth Ann Dunfee, who said, “I have been experiencing problems because I am the assistant to the GM and I’m supposed to get the head pay whenever the head takes her days off, as long as she takes three consecutive days. And that hasn’t happened for the last two times that she’s taken off.”

The associates said their problems have persisted since October of last year. While their management has made some attempts to correct the payment issues, those attempts have resulted in incorrect sums of money being returned to the employees, further complicating matters.

With taxes coming due soon, the associates worry about how they’ll file their W2s correctly without an immediate solution.