Safe Haven holds raffle ticket fundraiser to help raise the Judith Petty reward fund

WTAP News @ Noon
Published: Feb. 4, 2023 at 11:01 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Safe Haven found the Judith Petty case in August and immediately jumped into how they could help.

Judith Petty’s mother, Joan Petty, says this has brought a new hope to the entire family.

“Has this brought a new hope or a new vibrance to you and your husband?” I asked.

“Yes, yes it has. It’s nice to know someone is working and helping us and putting it out there for people to know,” Joan Petty laughed.

A new hope that after 15 years is caused by the new strides and discoveries the case has seen since August.

Melissa Sandberg, who works with the Safe Haven podcast says they are making advancements the case hasn’t seen in years.

“We have made so many new strides. We were finally able to get the autopsy report that the family has been waiting 14 years for so they were able to get that. We got an assigned prosecuting attorney for on the case. They haven’t had that since 2008-2010. They also got the prosecuting attorney with an investigator, Doug,” Melissa Sandberg said.

As the MOV does, Sandberg says the support they have seen from everyone in the community has been so important to the advancement of the case.

“A lot of people forget cases. Cases kind of go cold. I mean right now the community has rallied, we had community members drop off gift certificates just really pulling together for the Petty family and in 15 year they’ve never had this, they never had this support or this much coverage in this case since they started back in August,” Sandberg said.

For the Petty family they have one thing on their mind.

“Hopefully an arrest,” Petty exclaimed.