Parkersburg Police Dept. still active in Gretchen Fleming search, collecting evidence on case

With the search for Gretchen Fleming continuing, Parkersburg police are still working on this investigation.
With the search for Gretchen Fleming continuing, Parkersburg police are still working on this investigation.
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 6:01 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - With the disappearance of Gretchen Fleming getting closer to three months, Parkersburg police Lieutenant James Stalnaker says the department is still receiving information on this case.

Not only with potential leads and tips but continuing to add to the timeline of Gretchen’s disappearance.

“Prior to December 4th, what was a day in her life like? Or week? Or month? Or months prior to that? You know, what was her normal routine?” says Lt. Stalnaker. “And it allows us sending that data off letting the people who should be analyzing it analyze it and it gives us — the investigators — time to go out, reach out to people, interview them and talk to people.”

Stalnaker says that this investigation is still active with the amount of information and digital evidence collected. And that there’s still forensic evidence at the W.Va. State police lab and other outside agencies that’s being analyzed at this time.

“We have a pretty substantial amount of data in those records that we’re getting back from search warrants,” says Lt. Stalnaker. “And not only those. We have a lot of other data. Not only from potential persons of interest, but also from Ms. Fleming’s. Her records, her social media, her Google, her banking records. And that kind of stuff.”

As of now, the timeline for Gretchen’s disappearance has remained the same. She began her night here at the Front Row Sports Bar and Grill. Where she had left her purse with her phone and wallet inside. Her last location was the My Way Lounge where she was last seen leaving with the person of interest, Preston Pierce.

Stalnaker says that although pierce has not been co-operative during this investigation, he believes the investigation is moving along with the evidence and information collected.

“You know I think we’re at a point in this case that we’re gathering a lot of information whether people are talking to us or not. And I think we’re moving forward,” says Lt. Stalnaker.

Stalnaker says that as of now there is no need for another ground search like the one in Mountwood Park, because all of the remaining locations of interest are not as large of a scale. He states that there are currently no signs of this being a case of human trafficking.

Law enforcement is aware of the concerns from the community. If you have information on Gretchen Fleming’s disappearance, call Detective Zimmerman at 304-424-1072.

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