Update: Hunter Allen has made “huge improvements” in his recovery

Hunter Allen continues to improve following UTV accident
Published: Mar. 12, 2023 at 8:41 PM EDT
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UPDATE: Hunter Allen continues to make improvements in his recovery day-by-day.

“He’s doing great, he’s been improving everyday. He’s up walking around on his own now. Yesterday he was up getting to shoot some basketball which is something he loves to do so that was great to be able to see him do that,” said Hunter’s father, Heath Allen.

Hunter will continue to have tests done on Tuesday as he continues to struggle with swallowing.

“From coming in here almost two weeks ago the way he was to the way he is right now it’s been amazing to be able to see this. How fast he is improving and he’s showing every doctor by proving them wrong. There were doctors saying we don’t know the outcome of this and he’s been fighting like we knew he would,” Allen said.

As WTAP continues to learn more about Hunter Allen’s recovery we will continue to keep you updated.

11-year-old Hunter Allen who was injured in an UTV accident has made “huge improvements” in his recovery as of Sunday afternoon.

“I mean even today just being around him today we can see every single day the progress he’s making and it’s going in the right direction. He is opening his eyes a lot more, today he’s talking to the doctors when they talk to him he responds to them, talking in complete sentences. He did ask me am I going home today or tomorrow,” said Heath Allen.

Without the support of community and the family constantly by Hunter’s side Heath says he doesn’t know how this could be possible.

“Just shows you what kind of kid he is and the community we do have that everyone is coming out and getting together on this to make everything good,” Allen said.

Riverbend restaurant held a fundraiser for the Allen family that Heath says helped them tremendously. The community came out in such full force that there was over an hour wait due to the amount of people showing up to support Hunter.

Rockbox and Cornerstore Inn in Beverly, Ohio are also donating proceeds from shirts that are on sale currently to support the Allen family as well.

Once again the MOV has come together to help their neighbors in times of need.

As WTAP continues to learn more about Hunter Allen’s recovery we will continue to keep you updated.