Jess’s House looks to make a change for women in the community

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 8:16 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Jess’s house opened their doors just a month ago and the two women who run the recovery program started it from a personal beginning.

“We named it Jess’s house in honor of my sister, she died last year of an overdose and we wanted to honor her life by helping other people,” said Director, Jan Stukey.

Stukey and President, Shay Walters, say that each resident have a personal spot in their heart because at one point they were in the same situation these residents were in.

“So we’re both in recovery ourselves so we know what it takes and we know the hard work that goes into it. So, we’re able to pour into them multiple different ways,” Walters said “Once you do it and once you get a hold of it and you see someone succeed and you’ve been there where they’ve been before then it just drives home how much help just one person can make in one other persons life,” said Stukey.

This real life resemblance has brought Stukey and Walters closer to each resident they currently have and they believe it will continue to resonate with each member.

“Because we have been where they been we know the foundations of what helped us get sober and stay sober and so those are the tools and those are the things we’re pouring into the women while they’re here,” Stukey said. “Also, things that could hinder them that could have hindered us but we made good decisions to overcome them and we put in the hard work to overcome those obstacles. We are able to say this is what I did in that situation and hopefully they follow our guidance because we’ve lived through it and we have long term sobriety today,” said Walters.

The doors just opened but they have plans to help more women.

“Ultimately when you’re helping people and you see such a difference in just the one month we’ve been open. Of course we’re dreamers and we’re thinking we could do this again, we could do this in another location because the ultimate goal is to help as many people as we can,” Stukey said.

If you are interested in helping Jess’s house or learning more information you can learn more by visiting their Facebook page.