This is Home: Local stone carver raises awareness through his work

Ron Teska started making stone carvings roughly 40 years ago with his friend.
Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 5:53 PM EDT
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BELLEVILLE, W. Va. (WTAP) - A local stone carver is using his talent to share stories and raise awareness for several topics.

Ron Teska started making stone carvings roughly 40 years ago with his friend.

They were independent contractors working on masonry, and wanted to do something different in their work.

“We would lay chimneys, stone houses, and things of that nature. In the process of doing that, we got an idea that would make it so that people would want to hire us. That is, we would do carvings and put them in our stone work,” said Teska

Teska has since moved away from the masonry work and has focused on stone carvings.

He even travels to British Columbia to work on carvings and has done some carvings for the indigenous people of the area.

“At first I donated a carving of an eagle to the tribe, and they said ‘oh here’s a carver; look.’ I gave them an eagle I carved that is saying thanks, he’s carrying a scroll that says thanks because we brought him back, the eagle, from being endangered,” said Teska

Teska is using his talent to not only share stories but bring awareness to endangered animals and other issues he is passionate about.

He feels that other people with talents should do the same.

“I think anybody that has an art, whether it’s singing, painting, dancing, any kind of art form. If you have a skill, then I think part of your skill should be devoted to bettering the country we’re in,” said Teska