School bus stop by adult toy store causes concerns for parents

Published: May. 21, 2023 at 1:55 PM EDT
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NASHVILLE (WZTV) – The parents of children in a Tennessee school district are expressing concerns after seeing a group of young students waiting for the school bus in front of an adult toy store.

For the Metro Nashville students, it was just a typical morning. The group of children are seen wearing their backpacks as they wait for their bus in front of Jenna’s Adult Toy Box store in a photo that has gone viral.

Amy Pate is a mother of three kids in the school district.

“I don’t think it’s the most safe or comfortable place for kids to be picked up in an adult bookstore parking lot,” Pate said.

J.C. Bowman with the professional educators of Tennessee said the situation is completely inappropriate.

“There’s no reason those children shouldn’t be picked up further down the road or at another location,” he said. “And honestly, they should probably put a bus stop there, a covered bus stop, for those children for weather conditions to be picked up.”

A representative for Metro Schools said some students and their parents have moved away from the designated bus stop in front of an autoshop.

Aside from the controversial location of the bus stop, the bus stop does not provide much of a sidewalk for the kids to stand on and appears to be a shoulder of the road.

Metro Schools said the bus stop serves a number of families at a nearby apartment complex.

Some parents are questioning whether the bus can pick the kids up closer to the apartment complex.

Bowman said administrators should find a solution, like moving the bus stop to a safer and more appropriate location.