Sharing the road safely - tips from a motorcycle expert

Motorcycle safety tips from an expert
Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 10:20 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - With the warm weather this time of year, you’re bound to see more motorcycles on the road and safety is a two-way street.

When it comes to cars, American Motorcycle Repairs Owner Jerry Piggott warns that throwing things out of your window can cause a bigger obstacle for bikers than you might think.

“A little piece of something in the road, you know, a piece of a tire or something that - somebody throws a cup out of the window or something - if a bike hits that, it could easily cause an accident,” he explained.

When it comes to bikes, he suggests using L.E.D. lights at night. This will help you spot deer.

Piggott added that a common mistake he sees bikers make is how they use their brakes.

“About 70% of your stopping power is in your front brakes so, if you do have to come to a quick stop, I recommend coming down harder on your front brakes than your rear brakes. It will help you from - keep the bike from sliding,” he said.

Of course it’s also important that both drivers and bikers stay alert, sober, and give each other space.

However, motorcycle safety isn’t just for bikers and drivers. If you’re out mowing your lawn, make sure you get the grass clippings out of the road.

“If somebody on the motorcycle hits that grass, that turns into something slippery. If there’s fresh cut grass, it’s just like if they were to hit ice or oil or gravel or anything loose, especially in a turn and it’s caused many accidents,” Piggott said.