High school athlete transfer rule causes shakeups for teams

Published: Jul. 12, 2023 at 11:39 AM EDT
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Back in March, the state senate approved a one-time transfer rule for student athletes in the state of W.Va.

Since the legality of transferring high schools for sports is no longer an issue, student athletes have been moving around and joining new teams.

Coaches are not allowed to approach athletes and recruit them, they must wait until those students approach them about joining their team.

The reviews have been very mixed, with some coaches saying they prefer the hometown aspect of a team while others are more open to the new rule.

There is a common trend though, the student athletes happiness is the most important thing. If they are in a bad situation where they are not enjoying the sport they love, this is a chance for them to find a new team and play elsewhere.

With some local Mid-Ohio Valley teams affected by the transfer rule thus far, they are focused on the players in the locker room. They plan to get these new players adapted to the culture of their team and winning football games.