Parkersburg businesses and residents recover after Monday night’s storm

Parkersburg residents are cleaning up after Monday night’s storm.
Parkersburg residents are cleaning up after Monday night’s storm.
Published: Jul. 25, 2023 at 7:32 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - “I mean you could see the damage through the golf course. And, of course, it was in an angle through our nursery,” Greenscape Landscaping owner, Jimmy Dickson said. “Pretty massive obviously you can see in the background.”

Businesses like South Hills Golf Course and Greenscape Landscaping are dealing with the aftermath.

Large trees are down on the course and the office for Greenscape has water damage.

“Roof is probably the worst. There’s some water damage in the office,” Dickson said. “So, yeah, there’s going to be some more clean-up left to do.”

Greenscape Landscaping said they’ve made good progress.

“Well, we slowed down today,” Dickson said. “So, we’ve got all the crews here doing clean-up for today. So, hopefully by the end of the day, we should have it under control. Good enough to get back to normal tomorrow.”

Neighborhoods also had some property damage. Gihon Meadows Apartments part-owner, Lajuana McPherson said she got multiple calls once the storm started.

“Yeah, just people calling and, ‘this off.’ Or ‘That off.’ Or ‘this blown over.’ And most of the neighbors, we could see them out this morning turning their flowerpots and stuff back over. So, it did a bit of a number on the landscaping too,” McPherson said.

McPherson said the neighborhood is lucky.

“It could’ve been worse. I’ve been out and I’ve seen worse,” McPherson said. “We do have a tree down in the back that just missed our greenhouse back there. And then there’s on the backside of these apartments there’s trees all the way down through there down. But nothing hit us. None of the trees hit us.”