Students on the Crosstown Showdown Rivalry

The rivalry has been going on for over 55 years.
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 6:16 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Friday night was the big night between Parkersburg High School and Parkersburg South High School.

The Crosstown Showdown has been going on for 56 years.

Both schools have had an exciting week leading up to the football game with other sports playing each other.

Parkersburg South Volleyball Player and member of the student section Reagan Parsons shares more on the past week.

“We start off Monday with the volleyball game, then Tuesday with the boy’s soccer game. It’s pretty mush a whole week long thing with each day a different team playing the other school,” said Parsons.

The anticipation of the football game has reached both schools equally.

Parkersburg High School Red Wing Katy Mace has noticed the excitement.

“Oh my gosh, this has been the best year we’ve had with the rivalry. It’s just crazy around the school. Everyone’s been so hyped, and everyone’s been to all of the games and everything. It’s just so exciting!” said Mace.

Parkersburg South student section leader Cayden Mackey explains why he thinks the rivalry is so big.

“It means a lot, I mean in the end we’re all representing Parkersburg, but it always feels good to be number one in Parkersburg,” said Mackey.

The rivalry hits a little closer to home for student section member Myles Johnson.

“My dad went to South, and I’m here at PHS. My brother went to PHS so it’s just been very generational. My grandmother went to PHS too,” said Johnson.

Both schools have a feeling that they will win; rightfully so.

“South of course!” said Parsons.

“We are for sure. No doubt about it!” said Mace.

Though only time will tell which school is better this year.

The game will be televised on the MeTv channel and on our website starting at 7 p.m.

You can watch the game on the following channel depending on your provider:

Suddenlink/Optimum - Channel 19

CAS - Channel 84

DirecTV - Channel 17

Dish Network - Channel 247

Over the Air - Channel 26.2

You can also visit our website to view it: Crosstown Showdown game.