Movement Monday! This week focuses on hips!

Stacy Houser was in the studio for another Movement Monday! We use resistance bands this week to focus on hips!
Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 7:45 AM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) -Stacy Houser, the founder of Temple Challenge, stopped by Daybreak to share a few easy moves you can incorporate into your daily routine to help get you moving throughout the week.

This week’s workout utilizes resistance bands to focus on our hips! Stacy says that she often hears people complain about hip pain when sitting for too long in cars or at work, or if they’re not flexible.

For these movements you will need a resistance band. For modification, you do not need to use the bands, just your body weight. Stacy reminds that you can do a certain number of reps if you’d like, but she prefers 20 second intervals.

These are easy to do while in commercial breaks or in small spaces, like at work.

  • Side steps- 20 seconds. Place your resistance band around your ankles. Make sure your toes are pointed forward. Create a slight bend in your knees. Take three steps to the left. Repeat with three steps to your right. This moves works your hips and side quads into your IT band.
  • Rest - You can rest for 10-20 seconds or go straight into the next move.
  • Straight kick backs - 20 seconds. If you need extra support for balance, you can hold on to a chair or a wall. With the band still around your ankles. kick one leg straight back. Do not open your hips, keep them straight. Kick back as far as you can. Repeat kicking back your other leg.
  • Rest- 20 seconds.
  • Kick forward- 20 seconds. This is similar to the last move. This time, kick your leg forward. Make sure not to turn your hips, keep them straight. Repeat on other leg.
  • Rest- 20 seconds.
  • Kick rotation- 20 seconds. This move combines the last three. Kick your leg forward, bring back to the middle. Kick to the side, and bring back to the middle,
  • Repeat all movements - you can repeat the movements if you would like.

You can see the moves demonstrated and further explained in the story’s video.

You can read more about on Stacy Houser and Temple Challenge on her website:

You should consult with your doctor before doing any activities.