Local musician encourages artistic collaboration, plans fundraiser with P.A.C.

“When it comes to my dreams, I can draw a straight line back to the Parkersburg Art Center.”
Musician Todd Burge was in the studio to talk about an upcoming fundraiser and an album release!
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 8:11 AM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Everyone has a dream. For Todd Burge, that dream is playing music and giving back to his community.

For his birthday this year, he’s combining those two passions with an album release and fundraiser with the Parkersburg Arts Center!

Todd explained that the ‘Todd Burge Birthday Bash,’ will also feature Tim O’Brien, Jan Fabricius, Larry Groce and Moon King.

He said that the bash will serve as a fundraiser for the Parkersburg Art Center.

A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the non-profit in support of its different educational programs.

The Todd Burge Birthday Bash will be on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.

The doors will open at 6:30.

Event sponsors include Peoples Bank and First Settlement Orthopedics.

Burge said the collaboration with PAC was inspired by his 15th album, Seed.

He siad that he hosts a monthly songwriter workshop at the Stage Door in Marietta, Ohio. Each month, they’re challenged to write a song based one work or phrase in under an hour.

He says that hundreds of songs have been created from this writing concept, including some on his new album, Seed. It was through this that he says, he decided to spread the idea.

Now, he has his album out for free, and encourages any artist, regardless of what type of art, to take any part of seed and make it their own.

“Musicians can take the tracks and remix them, or add their own instruments or sample the songs. The songs can be rearranged, new lyrics can be written over the melodies and so on. Artists have already created paintings and sketches, poetry and song lyrics, based on the songs from seed. who knows where this might end up. Next year, we hope to put this work out there and call it flower.”

Burgse says he believes there’s value in providing art for free.

“Sometimes giving something away is much more valuable. Of course, like any of my albums, if a listener would like to support my family and what I do, they can order an album or a download from my site.”

Burge says the PAC has had a big impact on his music path. He’s worked in many positions within the entertainment field, and decided the MOV needed more listening vensues.

“I was frustrated that there wasn’t one around here, so I took it upon myself to start one. The Parkersburg Art Center supported and nurtured this idea and it literally spread and grew into something much bigger than I ever imagined. I think it’s important for artists to know what their ideas and dreams can turn into. When it comes to my dreams, I can draw a straight line back to the Parkersburg Art Center.

Accessibility helps keep the arts alive, according to Burge.

“I don’t want anyone who feels they’d like to collaborate to be stopped because they cannot afford access to the music and lyrics.”


Todd Burge: www.toddburge.com

Nov 18th 7:30

Parkersburg Art Center (Benefit)

Todd Burge Birthday Bash

Featuring: Tim O’Brien & Jan Fabricius with Larry Groce

Tickets and info www.toddburge.com 304-422-4068