This Is Home: Student wins FBLA Pin Contest two years in a row

Allison Neff is president of the Wirt County High School chapter of the FBLA who has won their pin design contest for the past two years.
Allison Neff is president of the Wirt County High School chapter of the FBLA who has won their pin design contest for the past two years.
Published: Nov. 17, 2023 at 7:49 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Allison Neff is president of Wirt County High Schools chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America, one of Neff’s many accomplishments within the organization include winning the FBLA pin design contest twice over the past two years, back-to-back.

" nationals and FBLA, we have like little lapel pins that we trade around everywhere, and it’s really cool every single like territory and state that comes nationals has one. So I got the honor of designing ours, West Virginia’s, is 2 years in a row and I’m so happy with it. Last year I got to go nationals because of it, and I’ll get to go this summer in Orlando, Florida.”

Along with her winning Mothman design from last year the pin that Neff designed for this year’s competition involved a recognizable face for those within the state.

“So I for this year’s pin, I designed Baby Dog, and we’re going to try to meet up with the governor and Baby Dog and like, get pictures, and whenever I get the pins made for sure, because we don’t have them yet, [the drawing] is our only thing yet, but we’re hoping to be able to meet up with Baby Dog and the governor and take pictures and maybe give him the pin.”

Pins aren’t the only thing that Neff has been recognized for.

Her graphic design efforts have also been recognized in the form of magazines for the WVSSAC Softball and Golf Championships in 2021.

“So I ended up doing these two contests where you could design a program cover for, like, the golf cover and the softball cover. I won, and you got $200.00 each, and they were given out at the like state things for those like golf and softball competitions, and it was cool. I’m still happy about it. Looking back, they weren’t very good, But, you know, I still won.”

Neff says that she plans to combine her interest in business and graphic design in her future plans as well.

“I’m hoping to do something like combining business and graphic design because I love both of them and it just seems like something I’d have fun doing and get some money.”

Neff’s parents say that they are very proud of their daughter for all that she has accomplished...A sentiment that is also shared by her teacher and FBLA Chapter Advisor Isaac Goff.

“I just, I’m really proud of Ali. It was really interesting and neat to see the last few years her transfer her idea from a sketch on my whiteboard in my room, and then she brought in, like that weekend, a sketch she had done on her computer. Then it became all the way to the lapel pin she showed you. It was really cool to see it from start to finish, and I think she’s got a lot of talent. I hope she takes it as far as she wants to.”

Goff was the one to tell Neff about her win...which he had a little bit of fun with.

“...whenever he told me that I won since I wasn’t at the conference, that they were at that, it was announced that he texted me and sent me a picture of me winning. Instead of saying you won. Congratulations. He just said in all caps, ‘WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!’”

L.V. Hissem for WTAP News. This Is Home.