Local dog titled Rescue of the Year

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Published: Jan. 31, 2021 at 11:05 PM EST

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The Pedigree Foundation has picked their Rescue of the Year and he came straight out of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

From a shelter dog to a VIP member of the Parkersburg Country Club, Ray has had quite a journey that closely resembles orphan Annie’s.

Before he was the Rescue of the Year, Ray was a misunderstood puppy at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley. He was labeled as aggressive but volunteer Ginger Eubank saw his potential.

She said, “Well he was just a puppy when he came in. He was probably just six to eight months old and, you know, he had all that puppy energy and stuff and he was rambunctious and he hadn’t had any training and he didn’t know any manners...,”

Ginger knew he was a smart dog. All he needed was some extra attention.

That’s when Pat Maher came in. He was looking for a dog he could take to work at the country club.

He remembered, “..., and honestly I didn’t really look at any dogs. When I came back two weeks later, they had picked the dog pretty much. They know those dogs, they know their temperaments, and I got a good one.”

Now Ray is a beloved staff member whose main duty is keeping away geese. However, his favorite duty is checking on the irrigation system.

“He knows how we turn them on and, if we get anywhere near those boxes, he freaks out, ready to pounce on the irrigation head and everyone thinks it’s the greatest entertainment there is,” Maher smiled.

Ray is more than just the most fun coworker, he’s part of the family.

Maher said, “I think everyone from employees to members - I think everyone’s taken ownership of him. Um, like I said, they pack treats in their bags expecting to see him. He’ll be riding around in the golf carts with other employees, not just me. I mean, he’s everyone’s dog.”

Ray pretty much gets a standing ovation for everything he does at the golf course, according to Maher, so here’s another one for being the Rescue of the Year.

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