MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) -A multi-million dollar commercial development will be built in Harmar Village in Marietta, and construction could start as early as this year.

Mayor Josh Schlicher says the multi-story building depicted here will be situated at the corner of Gilman and Putnam avenues in the Peoples Bank parking lot. The project will be spearheaded by a private land developer and Parkersburg native Milo Ritton. According to the project report, the 14,000-square-foot building will have retail space on the first floor and a restaurant. The second floor will be for the Par Mar Oil Company headquarters. There will also be a Par Mar convenience store with gasoline offering Dunkin Donuts.

“This is what every city and every mayor dreams about, “ Schlicker said.

“... an outside developer with private money and comes forth and says we’re going to build an 8 to 10 million dollar project in your downtown and create 100 jobs for the tax base and beautify the area, taking underutilized property and make it into a class act. So, that’s very exciting sitting in this chair.”

Schlicher says since People’s Bank needs a set amount of parking spaces for employees, the city is working to provide new parking spaces before development begins-which could be as early as this year. Schlicher added that the city will be doing a traffic study around Putnam and Gilman but that he doesn’t anticipate any major changes to traffic in the area once the development is built.

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