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Cory Smith started at WTAP in January of 2018. He is the Weekend Meteorologist and Weekday Reporter at the station.

Cory Smith started at WTAP in January of 2018. He is the Weekend Meteorologist and Weekday Reporter at the station.

Cory began his passion for the weather while he was a child living in Tampa, Florida. While there, he experienced the very tropically active seasons of 2004 and 2005. Seeing the sheer power of what a storm could do really sparked his interest in the weather occurring around him every day.

In 2009, Cory moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. While here, experienced his first taste of having 4 seasons. The first week while living there, there was a large snow/ice storm and from that moment on he was captivated by all things "winter weather" related. Starting in 2013 Cory attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (GO NINERS!) where he graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology.

On his spare time, Cory likes to go around and take photos with his DSLR of the world around him. He is a huge Tampa Bay Rays and Carolina Panthers fan.

Now that he is in Parkersburg, Cory looks forward to connecting with all his viewers on social media as well as out and around the Mid-Ohio Valley.

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Nonprofit changing lives with service dogs for veterans and first responders

The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation provides dogs free of charge to help first responders and veterans suffering from PTSD — changing lives for those who serve. At least a third of the dogs are rescues, trained to help their owners in large crowds or to “interrupt” when they notice signs of emotional distress.

Dramatic video shows Alaska glacier collapse near kayakers

Kayakers Josh Bastyr and Andrew Hopper ventured out on what they called a “peaceful glacier exploration” at Alaska’s Spencer Glacier. As glacial bridge began to collapse, they found themselves in danger. It’s a new normal in the area, reports NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports, who recently visited the Spencer glacier to learn about the impact of climate change on the region.

Man speaks out after close call with lightning strike

Video captures the moment when Romulus McNeill stepped outside during a storm, when a flash of lighting struck so close by that he dropped his umbrella before getting out of there. “I feel like I am blessed,” he tells NBC’s Morgan Chesky. “Maybe two inches to the right it could have been a different story where I’m not sitting here.”

Community mourns New Orleans anchor killed in plane crash

Nancy Parker, a beloved local TV news anchor in New Orleans, was killed along with pilot Franklin Augustus when his stunt plane crashed. Parker had been working on a profile of Augustus, an airshow pilot who had been flying for decades, at the time of the tragedy.

Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys pledge their own investigation into his death

Attorneys for Epstein are fighting back after the medical examiner ruled that the accused sex trafficker died by suicide by hanging. The official cause of death ruling has not diminished a probe into how this could have happened to a high-profile inmate, as the New York Times reports details of the conditions of Epstein’s Manhattan cell.